Bought some stocks finally!

I bought some shares finally. Stock Ticker Symbol: CWBHF. Charlottes Web Holdings is their company name. Couple weeks ago I decided to make the trade on my stockbrokerage account. With my $200 first and funded $800 more to buy some more. $1000. Bought 40 shares at $996.48 so my portfolio was $996.48 CWBHF with 3.52 in Cash. Currently the Stock is down 21.13% at the price of $19.6484. I am currently down. Current balance $789.46. But there is hope. My current investment strategy is position trading with minimum hold period of 30 days. Charlottes Web Holdings is a company that made me purchase on a long term outlook. It is traded on the CSE as well as over the counter.

This company is headquartered in boulder Colorado. Operates in both US and Canada. With recent legalization in Canada and recreational legalization in several US States, I foresee a future with global legalization and coming of a booming industry. This company is already positive on net income of $11.8 Million. Year before that was $7.475 Million. They also hold 73.4 million in cash which can be used to invested into the company. With . With national and global legalization in the future, this company has a positive long term outlook. I will get into the details and do more numbers maybe on the next post.

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