The Beginning

I am a student of the market. I found my way. I decided to record my journey into this blog. I have traded before. Couple years ago, I started with 7,000. I bought stocks. Mostly stocks. I bought couple REIT’s as well. I had no investment plans. I just bought and sold whatever I can find and whatever I liked. If I felt like it, I bought it. If I did not, then I didn’t buy them. After a while, my account grew to 10,000. After it grew to 10k, I did not want to think hard or research anymore. So, I just looked for the best dividend stock. I did not realize that this would lead to a catastrophe.

I found out that GE was a good solid company to park my money while I was busy with life. After all, GE gave pretty large dividend per price of the share. Until one day, GE started dropping like crazy and my 10,000 became 9000. I was done. After waiting and praying for a rebound, I finally had it. I sold GE and took the losses. I took some money out and invested in cryptocurrency. Which didn’t go well. I am still a bagholder of some cryptocurrencies. Then other things happened in my life: Wedding, honeymoon, Birth of my daughter, bought a home, moved job, started a side business and etc…. After two years, I had nothing in my trading account. zero. Until, today.

Today I decided to start my journey again by writing my first post. About couple weeks ago, I opened a brand new trading account. I funded my new account with 200 dollars yesterday. I know it is small but I will save more and fund it more with time. Most importantly, I will grow it. I will grow this into billions.

Right now. there is 200 dollars in cash/sweep funds just sitting in my trading account. I am ready and eager to place some good trades.

Here are my investment plans for now. The plan is subject to change but for now, I will keep by the plan to test its effectiveness and to keep myself disciplined. One, I will do position trading. this means I will hold positions for at least a month and possibly hold it up to about a year. I may sell it after one month. I my hold it longer. Two, I can buy or short stocks and ETF’s and use options contracts to hedge. Three, I will use both fundamental and technical analysis in my research. Four, I will post my research and thought processes into this blog. Five, I will also post my trading executions as well. I will post where I entered and where i got out and update my balances on this blog. This way, I can keep record for myself and see my money grow.

There you have it. Pretty soon, I will post my second post and come up with pretty interesting stuff. Oh, and by the way. I am also studying for the CFA. I am taking the December test so perhaps I can update on how that goes as well. Peace!

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