Peter Lynch style of investing

Peter lynch divides assets into 6 categories

Slow growers-large, old, pays good dividends.

stalwarts-large, old but growing

Cyclicals-rise and fall with economy

fast growers-young and small grow fast 20% a year with 10 bagger 200 bagger

turnarounds-been down but recover

asset plays-things that wallst missed and undiscovered valuable assets.

Know why to buy. Invest in what u know.

Lots of cash and littke debt. Sell wheb its at good value for what its worth. Pe ratio pb ratio. Run by owners and employees who own companies. Buy back shares of company.

Know why u buy


Strong income statements with balance sheet.

High profit margin and cash and little debt.

Inside ownership. And company buybacks. Buy below potentials. Buy more of whats working. And take advantage of price dips. Put into more successful companues and more successful stocks.

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