The CFA Exam and Andrew Yang

So I’ve been studying CFA Exam. I couldn’t post much on the blog because of that. I will pass it. I think my previous analysis was a joke. This is after studying for a while I can see how my previous analysis was much of drawing and assumptions on charts but this study will add more sophisticated tools on my analysis. Test date is December 7, 2019 so I have approximately 2 weeks left. I am studying now and will pass it.

And By the way, I bought some Andrew Yang contracts on the prediction markets. I think he has a huge chance of winning the nomination. When I purchased the contracts was 9 cents on the dollar and total payout would be 909 from 90 dollar investment. bought 1000 contacts .09 dollar.

I always practice putting my money where my mouth is. I predict that he will be the nominee and eventually the President. So I put my money where my mouth is. That’s it. I am a simple person.

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