Ultralearning by Scott H Young – Chapter 4 Metalearning – Book Summary

Metalearning is learning how to learn. According to Wikipedia Metalearning is branch of¬†metacognition¬†concerned with learning about one’s own learning and learning processes.

The book states how to draw the map of learning process in ultralearning process. There is the short term process of researching how to learn a subject. Over the long term process becomes much more familiar it becomes a skill that allows people to do well.

First. must answer why, what and how. Why – must answer reason/motivation for learning. It might be because there is a passion or interest for it, which is an intrinsic project. Perhaps, it is because learning this subject is instrumental in achieving a result. Instrumental reasons also needs to be double checked to make sure they will help in achieving the end result. Best way to do this is to Interview an expert.

Second is to Answer What. Write down Concept, Facts, Process. Concept is the things that needs to be comprehended and understood. Facts are knowledge that needs to be memorized. Processes are things that needs to be practiced repetitively. different subjects have different needs: some needs more memorization of facts, more repetition of procedures, and certain subjects require more understanding of concepts. Must determine where the bottleneck is within these three catagories as we learn in order to learn properly.

After we have the three WHAT categories identified. we need to answer HOW. How we plan HOW we are going to self educate needs planning. first method is benchmarking. If it is a college subject, you can just download syllabus and college catalog to see what is taught. Benchmark college curriculum. You can also benchmark other people learned by searching online, or expert interview method. this is a very important process. Also, you have to figure out and do emphasize/exclude method. Must emphasize what needs to be learnt more and what needs to be excluded especially if the learning is instrumental and/or there is time constraint.

spend about 10% of total learning time on metalearning and planning how to learn. Do this until there is diminishing returns on investing time on metalearning, do the marginal benefit calculation.

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